Our world is in fire

The litany of cataclysms already engaged is well known; alas, we don’t act. Why?

A wide consensus has emerged: humanity is responsible for the degradation of the environment. Human activities are impacting and modifying the planetary system so deeply, that a new geological epoch is quantitatively defined: the Anthropocene.

On the one hand, our techno-liberal society is radically transforming nature, while on the other we proclaim the impossibility of modifying society and its dominant socioeconomical paradigm. “It is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism”. Indeed, who is ready today to fundamentally change its lifestyle, to impose himself or herself new limits?

We are concerned about the future of our civilization and believe the window of opportunity to face the environmental, social, and economic crises is closing. However, we are convinced a better world is possible.

This page does not aim to provide answers. Instead, we publish below discussion material. Let’s open the detate!

New Paradigm Non Virtuous

Energy is the master determinant of most that happens on Earth. As such, it clearly appears to drive our civilization in a non-virtuous cycle linking economic growth to ever-increasing energy consumption with associated resources uptake and environmental damages, resulting in earth systems degradation as we are reaching (or even exceeding) planetary boundaries.

The concept of a transition, consisting of replacing the current fossil fuel-based system by a renewable one on one hand, and on the other hand, that climate technologies and geoengineering would sequestrate GHG from the atmosphere, simply ignores the Earth planetary boundaries. Moreover, it hardly seems achievable. (See illustration below)