Board of Directors

Dr. Naomi Vouillamoz

Naomi holds a PhD in micro-seismology and micro-tectonics. Naomi’s original training is in structural geology, her post-doctoral research focused on environmental geophysics. Naomi has 15+ years of experience in managing applied and multi-disciplinary geo-environmental projects. She was awarded three academic prizes for her PhD thesis and two academic prizes for her diploma thesis.

Founding Partner,
Board Member & Managing Director

Lucien Vouillamoz

Lucien is a serial-entrepreneur and philanthropist. Engineer in nuclear physics, specialized in heat-exchanger systems and serial inventor whose expertise lies in identifying transformative technologies and making them a commercial success.

Founding Partner,
Board member & Lead Inventor

Patrick Scherrer

M.Sc in economics, Patrick brings core competences in corporate finances and business development. Patrick is CEO at Swissinno+, a corporate advisory firm dedicated to the creation, development and expansion of innovative companies.

Founding partner
& Chairman of the Board

Patrick Voegeli

Patrick has over 30 years of experience in the banking industry, advising and serving clients mainly in Switzerland. Between 2010 and 2019, he was CEO of BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) in Switzerland. Under his leadership, BNP Paribas became a leading bank in the Swiss Market. Patrick brings with him a broad banking knowledge; a deep understanding of regulatory/governance matters and a large client network.

Board Member

Scientific and Industry Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. André Rubbia

Prof. Dr. André Rubbia of experimental physics at ETHZ has pioneered and successfully led the development of deep underground observatories for direct dark matter detection (CERN, Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory (Italy), Canfranc Underground Laboratory (Spain)). In 2015, he was elected as the co-spokesperson in the billion-dollar-scale project DUNE (Fermilab). André brings a sound experience with large-scale high-complexity international projects.

Scientific Advisor Large-scale high-complexity international projects

Guido Nuijten

M.Sc. (tech.) hydro, soil and rock engineering. Project designer and sales manager at AFRY, Guido brings more than 20 years of relevant and versatile experience in rock mechanics in tunneling and underground excavation big infrastructure projects. Since 2017, he is Member of the European Commission –DG- Joint Research Centre’s Expert Group for updating Eurocode 7 on Design of Underground Structures. Guido brings a deep experience for the successful design and implementation of large-scale underground facilities.

Industrial Advisor
Rock engineering

Dr. Daniel Zweidler

Daniel is an International oil and gas industry consultant and entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in opportunity valuation and strategic investment decisions. Daniel brings with him the experience of valuing and assessing the commerciality of multi billion dollars investments in energy related subsurface projects, as well as their optimized execution plans.

Industrial Advisor
Drilling industry

Financial Advisory Board

Michaël Jaquet

Michaël brings twenty years of financial market experience from the investment banking and the corporate world. He was in charge of the financing and financial risk management for the Swiss Railways (SBB/CFF). He personally managed a 10 billion CHF debt portfolio and completed several +100 million financings for various assets. He is a member of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) and holds a Master degree in Banking & Finance from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).

Financial Advisor, Debt and Financing expert


Raphaël Ségur

Raphaël is a Swiss experienced Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in development stage companies. Raphaël is an expert in planning, audit, accounting and shared services.

Chief Financial Officer

Alain Jaccard

M.Sc in microengineering and production technologies. Alain is an innovation expert, specialized in the international industrialization of inventions.

Intellectual Property Management
& Technology Industrialization


Nanna Vilde Jensen

In February 2020, Seismo Earth received a grant from the Bern Economic Development Agency to support the training and operating costs of a master thesis in Mining Engineering of the Oulu Mining School. Vilde defended her master thesis in early November 2020 and was given the highest grade! Her research work was hosted by AFRY, Finland. It provides key input about the stability of EAPOSYS µ-tunnels excavation at heat depth over time and under pervasive heat extraction.



AFRY (FI and Zürich) is our trusted partner for rock mechanics and deep mining engineering.

Helbling Technik AG in Aarau supports EAPOSYS thermodynamics and hydraulics modelling.

CSGE Sàrl in Geneva evaluates how to best implement sustainability frameworks in EAPOSYS proposal.

Legacy Foundry AG in Zürich is providing supports for market analysis and business model generation.

Da Vinci Partners, a recognized global patent firm in the field of intellectual property, is our patent attorney.

Giorgianni and Moeschler Sàrl based in Tavannes is our communication agency.