DEEP GEOTHERMAL is a necessary element of the future energy mix in Switzerland and abroad.

It supplies regions and nations with LOCAL BASELOAD ELECTRICITY AND HEAT, with minimum impacts on the environment and maximum benefits for society.


Our mission is to UNLOCK DEEP GEOTHERMAL POTENTIAL ANYWHERE, using our ADVANCED GEOTHERMAL SYSTEM (AGS) incremental architecture to deliver decentralized geothermal heat and baseload electricity at the community level.

Local socio-economic transformation required by a fair ecological transition are included in our proposition: at EAPOSYS, a rational use of energy and resources is our main initial input. Economics is an output result, reflecting social and environmental benefits.


EAPOSYS SA is an early-stage development Company, founded in August 2017 and based in the city of Biel/Bienne in the State of Bern, Switzerland.

EAPOSYS stands for EARTH POWER SYSTEMS, a proprietary deep geothermal closed-loop solution for long-term DISTRICT HEATING and BASELOAD POWER GENERATION at the community level, valuing a local source of renewable energy: the heat from the Earth.

We aspire to

Respond to the growing challenges found at the ECOMOMY-ENERGY-ECOLOGY nexus.

As such, we are active in raising awareness about the environmental, social and economic crises with PHILTHEGAP. In that context, EAPOSYS is co-developing participative workshops “Formation Réalisante aux Enjeux Écologiques” (FREE) (in french).